Friday, May 29, 2020

Sitting here, thinking of you

My second and final card for the Spring | Summer Coffee Lovers Hop.
My goodness the week just flew by! I thought for sure I'd make several cards
using some of the sponsors' products, too. Did.not.happen.

In the end, I made another card using The Greetery's Cozy Cup set with almost 
the same layout, a different color mug and coaster, and an extra sprig thrown in.

I debossed the background with Altenew's Dotted Swirls Debossing Cover Die and
made a kraft cozy coaster. I added a little teal to the sprig and adhered everything
to the card base. The sentiment finished off the card.

And truthfully, I have never had a latté before. I mean, I've had a Starbucks latté.
Just not the fancy schmancy kind with the artsy foam.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Cheers to Amy and her team for another
well organized hop!


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous, Donna! I love how you stamped the sentiment at an angle to match the edge of the mat.

  2. LOVE this! The colors and design are so fabulous. I have only had the fancy smanchy foam latte with an actual heart in it last year near San Diego in Carlsbad. As soon as it came to the table I was like, "OMG it's the real deal!", I whipped out my phone and took a picture. Everyone got a kick over how excited I was. That was the one and only time. But it was so worth it and tasted so great. I highly recommend you find a place and treat yourself.

  3. Gorgeous card! I love the colors and textures!
    I thought I'd get lots of cards done this week too, but it just didn't happen!

  4. THIS is so pretty! I LOVE it Donna!

  5. Beautiful mix of dies and stamps to create a wonderful card.

  6. Another pretty Latte card, Donna! Teal is a pretty accent and the dotted swirls makes the background look elegant and interesting. And you did a great job of straitening the sentiment stamp!!
    Hideko xx