Sunday, February 21, 2021

Embossing Folder Pop!

Jennifer McGuire recently shared a technique using 3D embossing folders
and a sanding block that she called Embossing Folder Pop. Taking away color with
the sanding block lets the embossed images pop and appear to have highlights.

I remembered that I had some Stampin' Up sanding blocks so I inked a panel and
ran it through Altenew's Beautiful Bergenia embossing folder. Then I started
lightly sanding the raised areas on the panel. 

Either my sanding block is too old, or my hand is too heavy because too much
color was taken away. I ended up swiping the surface with a white pigment ink 
pad and I liked the results much better. A gold diecut "hello" finished off the card.

I'm determined to try this again, with my order of Altenew's newest 3D embossing 
folders on its way and a lighter hand at sanding.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. VERY lovely & dynamic card! I think your idea of using a white inkpad is stellar! Haven't dug out my own sanding block, but do have a white ink pad handy...LOL! Might be interesting to try out other colors of ink as well...

  2. Jennifer has done this technique before and I had forgotten about it, what an inspiration she is and so are you Donna, this card is brilliant!

  3. stunning. I'm going to try with this folder too.

  4. This is so gorgeous! I love how you blended the colors and sanding texture on it.

  5. GOOOOOORGEOUS....nobody inks like you!!!!

  6. This is absolutely gorgeous, Donna! Love the colors that you used and the highlights created by sanding!! And, now, I have to buy that EF.

  7. Gorgeous 3D embossed Bergenia, Donna! Your ink blending is so beautiful, and the highlights really pop.
    Hideko xx