Friday, January 5, 2018

Tag You're It--A Recollection of Tags

Tracey McNeely has officially closed the Tag You're It Challenge so she
asked former DT members to take a walk down memory lane and share our
favorite tag. Here's mine.

This was back in June of 2014 and Jackie Rockwell, the creator of the challenge
invited me to be on the design team. Being a lover of tags, I accepted and began
my tag making journey. 

I liked this tag because it was cute and colorful and the little umbrella probably 
had a little something to do with my choice (Wink!) I even managed to put the tag
onto a card.

Here's a collage of just some of my tags I created while I was on the design team
until June 2015.

Thanks, Tracey, for taking over the challenge from Jackie and running it so well.
Tag You're It will be missed but not forgotten, and hopefully return one day soon


  1. You always know how to inspire us, Donna...Your tags are beautiful! I'm going to miss Tracey's Tag You're It Challenge, too!

  2. Awesome collection of tags !

  3. What a great collection of creative tags, Donna. They so inspire creative thinking. tfs

  4. BEAUTIFUL collection of the tags, Donna! I see some of these for the first time and I feel lucky to get to see them now. The little monkey tag, in particular, is so adorable!!! Speaking of umbrella, I figured out why your blog title is "three umbrellas" just last year - I'm so dumb! ;-P Hideko

  5. Donna I have always love the vibrant colors of your cards and tags! So many gorgeous tags here today from the past. I will continue to enjoy everything you create on Instagram.