Thursday, December 24, 2009

A treeless Christmas...

I've seen photos of some gorgeous Christmas trees on friends' blogs. Perfectly sculpted, beautifully decorated trees. Here's a photo of ours. This is the first Christmas that we are without a real, honest-to-goodness, bloomin' live evergreen. Oh, we could have gotten one earlier. We kept seeing that Christmas tree tent up and thinking that they'll still have trees for sale the following weekend.

But there were definitely less trees for sale than last year and it didn't help that several containers of trees were rejected and returned because of some bugs that the inspectors found. I think our daughter would have taken a tree with bugs and sprayed it with insecticide herself, if it meant having a live tree.

So thank goodness for the 18" artificial one that her boyfriend gave her last year. I kind of like it. You don't have to water it, it was already decorated and even has lights on it. The only thing missing is.......the smell. But at least we have a tree to put our presents under! Or around....


  1. LOL! Love your tree Donna, it makes all of your gifts look HUGE!
    Wishing you and your family the best Christmas ever!
    and thanks for tipping me off about the Pure Innocence was unbelievable!

  2. Just a beautiful tree... but as you say the smell of a real tree is just wonderful. Hope there are lots of goodies for you under that tree.

  3. Heehee! Your tree is beautiful! AND I'm lovin' all those presents!

  4. love your little tree Donn! like Amy said, it makes your presents look so big! also like Amy, I was benefited from the Pure Innocence sale, too!! got a few more for myself yesterday! =) Have a very merry Christmas!! =)

  5. I agree with Amy and Alice, the tree makes the gifts look huge!! :) Love your tree!

  6. I think it is adorable and I agree with Amy... It certainly makes the presents look plentiful! :)

  7. SO SWEET, Donna! We went "FAKO", too. Sad when I think that we were the "tradionalist" that would cut down our own tree every year......made it extra special, but with allergies and the fact that Ron LOVES to have the tree up LONG into the NEW YEAR, "FAKE" was a much SAFER way for us. I LOVE your little, from the hear tree. The presents look all that much BIGGER, too! Merry Christmas to the entire Mikasa Family.
    Love, Karen xooxoxo

  8. Donna, I love your tree! It's things like this that make the holidays memorable ;D You'll share a big smile with your family when you think back to this Christmas and it will be due, in part, to the sassy fabulousness of that little tree. After all, big things come in small packages.

    I hope you had a Merry Christmas :D

    Big hugs!