Friday, September 25, 2009

Altered ego

I'm sure we've all done it before. Trimmed off a bird's legs, lopped off a ponytail. But that isn't the definition of "altering". Amazing Amy (who should just change her name to Amazing) is a stamper I discovered a while back and I've been lurking her blog and only recently began leaving comments. Well, more like gushing comments. She is amazing with her altering!

She'll take parts of one Anya and combine it with another to create a completely different character. And during the "Design a Sprout" week, she dazzled us daily with new and incredibly awesome characters. And gave them the most perfect names! Visit her blog and you'll be dazzled, too.

I emailed Amy to ask if I could mention her here and she graciously agreed. I wanted to alter Geisha Anya and give her some opened eyes. I thought, okay, I can do this. I have a light table and a 0.3 Copic multiliner pen. Wrong!! Here are two results that I threw away and retrieved from the wastebasket. I think it's the head size/eye ratio that's so important. And having a degree in art makes no difference...


  1. Oh your so Brave....I am just in AWE of Amy's creativity and so intimidated to be on the same DT as her!!!! She is Amazing to say the Least.....
    I like your Geisha Anya with the Sprout eyes! You go Donna.....

  2. Oh Donna, I knew you were going to be way too hard on yourself! These little cuties are definately on the right track. Believe it or not I don't always get it looking right on the first attempt either... I'm just not brave enough to post the ones I throw away! LOL ;)
    And thanks for saying such nice things about me, it is high praise indeed coming from someone as talented as you!

  3. Donna, these are adorable! I don't see anything wrong with them. Off to visit Amy's blog...

  4. I love those Donna!! they are so cute! thanks for introducing me to Amy, she is a truly amazing artist and card maker!!

  5. Oh Donna, they turned out super adorable! The art degree definitely comes in handy!! :)

    I'm also following Amy, she is an amazing artist, I love her alter fairy miss anya!